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Webinar: Wait... You Made That in PowerPoint??

Last week we brought Stacey Wilhelmsen, Senior Graphic Designer, and Thomas Reyes-Cairo, Product Production Manager, over from our template development team in a webinar discussing some slick and exciting features in PowerPoint. From using 3D assets to give a more immersive fee, to animating your background and creating button objects, the features they demonstrated bring PowerPoint back on the radar as a useful interactive and immersive eLearning tool.

NOTE: The features demonstrated by Thomas and Stacey do not work on both Mac and PC. Thomas demonstrates the features available on PC, and Stacey demonstrates the features on Mac.

Unfortunatel,y we weren’t able to get to all of the questions asked in the webinar. However, we have done our best to get those answered here.

Q – Can you use a balloon caption as the shape so you can move the “pointer” where needed without moving the shape?
A – This is a great question! Yes, that does work, it’s not something I thought to use but the button can be changed to any “Callout” shape (and it functions the same as it does normally—moving the pointer without moving the shape).

Q – Do these techniques work when importing into Captivate?
A – They don’t really. You can import the slides, but the images sort of get flattened or removed and hyperlinks and the morph transition don’t convert over.

Q – Can I potentially do this with pictures I upload? For example, could I use a picture of my car?
A – Of course! You can do this with any types of image files you are able to stick into PowerPoint.

The designs and animations demonstrated were based off of templates for other tools. To see all of our templates for all of our tools, feel free to check out our Template Library.



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