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storyline webinar

Last Thursday, we packed webinar lobby full for some instruction on how to make some useful interactions in Articulate Storyline 2! (Don’t worry, we’re upping our limits for future webinars so hopefully more of you can get in live.) Brother James Kingsley was our instructor during this broadcast and taught us a little bit about scoring a complex interaction that uses long answer text and also showed a few different options for timers. If you weren’t able to make it due to time or capacity, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. You can watch the webinar here below.

Also, keep an eye out on our Events calendar, which you can find by looking under the Company tab of the main menu on our website. Or, for your convenience, you’ll find the direct link here. We’re continually updating our calendar with training opportunities and webinars. In fact, later this week we’ll be hosting a webinar with our partners from iSpring about creating conversation scenarios. You won’t want to miss it!


Project Files

We wanted to include the cleaned project file that James used in this webinar so you could have something to experiment with. You can download that file by clicking here.


James also wanted to share his notes for the webinar so that way you can follow along with what he was showing in the webinar itself. Between these and the project file, hopefully you’ll have a clear picture for how to recreate this for yourself!

Score complex interaction

  1. Draw Correct/Incorrect boxes
  2. Insert Freeform
  3. Create triggers to set correct box state to selected and submit interaction
  4. Set incorrect box initial state to selected
  5. Add if statement to correct trigger

Timer Options

  1. Add button to base layer
  2. Animation
    • Add layer
    • Add bar with animation
    • Add trigger to show timeOut when animation ends
    • Update button on base layer
    • Demo Easing problem
      • Cannot be removed from some animations
      • Worse with longer animations
      • Animation limited to 59 seconds
  3. Add trigger to show timeOut
  4. Add timer text
  5. Boxes
    • Create layer
    • Add rectangle w/trigger
    • copy / paste a few times
  6. Looping Layers
    • Create layer w/triggers
    • copy/paste layer
    • Set triggers
    • Update button on base layer
  7. Cue Points
    • Create layer
    • Add cue points
    • Add triggers
    • Update button on base layer

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to use here in the comments! We’ll do our best to help you out.

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