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In this recent webinar, Dan Frazee, Lead Developer on the eLearning Brothers Custom Development team joined us to share his user experience strategies for successful eLearning. He used some really cool projects that the eLearning Brothers Custom team has made for Sigma Chi to illustrate his points about designing for a positive user experience. In this webinar, Dan focused primarily on how your graphic design choices can impact user experience.

The first thing Dan covered was the importance of identifying your user demographic. The better you know your audience, the better you can make decisions that lead to engagement, which is, of course, the most important thing.

user experience strategies - identify your demographic

For this project, it was young men in the 18-23 age range. If you’ve ever hung out with a college-age young man, you probably know that he spends a lot of time on his phone, browsing social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and others. Oh, and texting, of course. That knowledge drove a lot of the design decisions for the projects eLB created for Sigma Chi.

The course started off with a cool looking splash screen to draw the young men in. It also included interactions designed to mimic the popular social media sites that these men are using.

A common question asked by webinar attendees was “How do you decide between realistic cutout people or illustrated characters? Where do you get the characters?”

Dan explained that for us, it’s strongly driven by the client. For this project, we shared storyboards with both real cutout people and illustrated characters, but the client felt—and we agreed—that the illustrated character was a better fit for the vibe we wanted. Our in-house team drew the one you see in the course featured in this webinar, but you can download tons of pre-made illustrated characters and cutout people from the eLearning Brothers asset library.

Watch the webinar to get more of Dan’s design and user experience tips:


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