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Webinar: How to Use Your eLearning Tools Effectively

It has been said that every eLearning professional should have multiple tools in his or her eLearning toolkit. But having them and using them effectively are two very different things. Learning how to make the most effective use of the tools you have can make your eLearning design and development process much smoother.

This was the subject of a webinar that I presented this past week for Training Magazine. In the webinar, we discussed how a little bit of preparation in advance can make your eLearning tool much more efficient and effective. The four main areas we covered were:

  • Style Guides—Designing and Using a Style Guide
  • Assets & Resources—Gathering the assets and resources needed for your project
    (Audio, Video, Images, Backgrounds, etc.)
  • Purposeful Design—Putting thought and purpose into each element of your design
  • Storyboard—Putting together a rudimentary mock-up of your course design

Here’s the link to the webinar:

Your eLearning Tools: How to Use Them Most Effectively (Recording)

NOTE: Because the webinar was hosted by Training Magazine, you will need to register for a free account with them in order to view the recording.

When you click on the link for the recording, you should see a page asking you to log in. If you don’t have an account or have never attended a conference or webinar with Training Magazine before, you will click on the Register/Login link at the top to register.

There were some handouts included as part of the webinar. Those can be accessed from within the recording interface as well.

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