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Time Saving Tips in Lectora Online

eLearning Brothers recently hosted Jennie Valley, Trivantis Community Manager for a great webinar, during which Jennie shared her favorite ways to save time with Lectora Online. When deadlines loom, these are the tricks you want in your back pocket.

First, Jennie shared some great tips that could be applied when developing with any tool, such as storyboarding, using themes and characters, and more. Then she dove into more Lectora specific topics such as how to layer items in Lectora and how to use library objects, web windows, reserved variables, and more.

There was one audience question that Jennie wanted to doublecheck with the Lectora Online development team on after the webinar: “With shared library objects, if a variable in that object already exists in the course to which you’re importing the object, are warnings issued when you import, or do you have to go through a publish process to have the duplications show up?”

Jennie has confirmed that as of Lectora Online 4.2, the system should show you the variables that have the same name and allow you to use the existing one(s) or rename them.

Watch the recording below to learn how to save time in Lectora Online!

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