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Webinar: Spy on Our Video Expert While He Edits in Camtasia 18

Yesterday our Video Specialist, Andrew Townsend, held a webinar where he demonstrated his process for editing a video in the newest version of Camtasia. In his step-by-step presentation he covered:

  • Using some of Camtasia 2018’s newest features
  • Syncing audio
  • Animating backgrounds and overlays
  • Keeping viewers interested
  • Closed captions
  • Volume leveling
  • And more!

If you’re just getting started with Camtasia, or looking to build on your skills, check out the recording!

As sometimes happens, we weren’t able to get to every question that was asked during the webinar. Andrew has taken the time to answer many of these unanswered questions offline and we’ve included them below.


Q: When editing a recorded PowerPoint presentation, have you ever used the “extend frame” function, and if so could you talk about that?

A: I love this feature! I don’t limit myself to using this tool only with recorded PPT presentations. For those of you who aren’t familiar, if you hold down the alt key and then drag out a visual object it takes the last frame and extends it for as long as you want. This doesn’t work if you’re syncing faces with audio, but it is still a useful trick.


Q: Do you have a cheat sheet of sorts of recommendations of what to edit first?

A: Do we ever! Check out these cheat sheets:
Closed Captions
Getting Started (The Basics)
Camtasia Sound Essentials
PC/MAC Compatible Camtasia Points

Of course, there are tons more on the Camtasia Resources section of our blog.


Q: Do you have issues with colors in your produced video washing out when it is played in Google Chrome?

A: Yes. Chrome has its own color rendering built in and it sometimes isn’t great. If you Google the issue you’ll find lots of complaints and issues with it. I don’t have a way to fix it, but I want you to know that I feel your hurt.


Q: Thank you! I tend to want to edit it all with no plan, so those links will be very helpful for me to create one. Thanks!

A: Make a plan! Oh man, a plan is so important! If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to start, maybe take a look at a series I published back in 2016 all about producing an eLearning Video.


Q: I heard that a project created on a PC has issues when opened to edit on a Mac, especially with text. Can you share your experiences with cross-platform issues?

A: We did a webinar all about these compatibility issues (and there weren’t just issues, it’s actually pretty handy) that came with Camtasia 9 being “cross-compatible”. Check it out.


Q: Is there a way of creating interactivity with Camtasia 2018?

A: So you want to make your video interactive? That’s great! But know it’s going to be some extra work. Here are some tutorials and such to help you along.



Enjoyed this webinar? Check out past webinar recordings or register for upcoming webinars below.


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