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In the past couple months, it seems that practically the entire world has had one game or another on their mind—and all over social media! Whether it was the championship football game, the recent winter games in Korea, the upcoming college basketball tournaments, or the myriad of other games that go on throughout the year. You can’t escape games, so we decided that it was a great time to show off some of the new games that eLearning Brothers offers subscribers through our partnership with The Game Agency.

With that in mind, we put together a webinar to demonstrate how to create a game using The Game Agency’s portal and then how to integrate that game into your Storyline project.

You can view the recording of the webinar here:

In addition, a number of questions were asked during the webinar and many were addressed in the course of the webinar. However, others weren’t able to be addressed fully.

As the games (and interface) that we discussed are created and maintained by The Game Agency, so we reached out directly to them to answer some of the stumpers that came up during the webinar.

  • Any plans for xAPI compliance? Yes, we are xAPI-ready.
  • Will “click” vs “tap” verbiage update based on usage of phone or pc? The game instructions will change to say “click” versus “tap depending on what device you’re using.
  • From the game URL, it looks like it is stored on the Training Arcade servers. Can we instead store these locally on our company server? Right now, everything is hosted on our servers, but with a little custom work, this could be changed. Reach out to us (The Game Agency) to find out how we can customize this for you.
  • If embedded into a Storyline file and published in the LMS, would the scores write to the LMS automatically or would we need to get this score to write on a results slide or would the LMS admin need to log into the eLearning Brothers/Game Agency Dashboard to see the scores? This is doable but would require a custom solution. Currently, if the game itself was downloaded as a SCORM file it would report to the LMS. However, if the game is embedded into Storyline, there would need to be a custom SCORM file for your course with the game in it in order to report properly.
  • Can results from the game be sent to the LMS? Absolutely! Through a SCORM package.

For more information about the different games we have available right now, check out our page on The Training Arcade.


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