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Captivate 2017 Fluid Boxes—Advanced Tips and Tricks

Last Thursday, it was our pleasure to host a webinar featuring Dr Pooja Jaisingh, a renowned eLearning and Captivate expert and the founder of LearninGeeks. She joined us to discuss some advanced tips and tricks for Fluid Boxes, part of the newly released Captivate 2017.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Proper use of Static fluid boxes
  • Stacking fluid boxes inside other fluid boxes
  • Making fluid boxes and objects optional
  • Configuring Fluid Boxes

She also reviewed some tips for converting a non-responsive project to a responsive project using Captivate 2017.

During the webinar, Pooja used this sample Captivate project to demonstrate the techniques she was discussing.

Captivate 2017 Fluid boxes are a powerful tool that can really aid in your responsive eLearning course development, so hopefully this webinar helps you learn how to better use them in your eLearning development.

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