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Adaptive Storyboarding Tools

Storyboarding is a communication tool, whether it be from you to a developer, from you to a stakeholder, or from you to yourself two weeks from now when you finally sit down to work but have forgotten all the creative ideas you had!

Professional designers need multiple tools in their arsenal that they can adapt to projects of any size and nature, and that help them to: capture the project parameters, anchor themselves to the design principles, capture creative design, double-check the design against parameters like seat time and budget, gain sign-off from stakeholders, and easily involve other people in the project, such as other instructional designers or developers.

Last week, our Senior Instructional Designer Misty Harding conducted a webinar that introduced attendees to four storyboarding methodologies: Smart Outlines, Blueprints, Wireframes, and Professional Storyboards. Using one of these techniques in your next eLearning development project will help you to address all of those concerns I mentioned above and come off looking like the professional you are.

Since Misty is always such a popular instructor, we recorded the webinar for you:

Don’t forget to check out the awesome storyboard templates in our Free Library. Try them with your next eLearning project and let us know what you think!

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