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What is visual hierarchy?

A quick definition:

“The arrangement or presentation of elements in a way that implies importance.”

In this webinar, our Senior Designer Stacey Wilhelmsen walked attendees through some design principles that you can use to create visual hierarchy in your next eLearning project. She also shared several visual examples of each principle to help attendees further understand how each principle impacts your visual hierarchy. Stacey covered these elements of visual hierarchy:

  • Size & scale
  • Space & texture
  • Color & contrast
  • Color temperature, saturation & value

During the webinar, Stacey also talked about the different scan patterns that people’s eyes take when they’re skimming a website or article to decide if they want to read it or not. You can use these patterns and your visual hierarchy to design a more intriguing eLearning slide that places your most compelling info where people will see it during a quick scan.

As she closed out the webinar, Stacey reminded us “if everything is important, nothing is important.” Choose what to emphasize carefully. Watch the recording below to learn about her recommended squint test for checking that your visual hierarchy works!



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