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Preview the DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage

Being an eLearning Rockstar is more than just having flashy design with a whiz-bang quiz at the end. It’s about having a 360° understanding of the principles, ideas, and practicalities for successful eLearning.

This year at DevLearn, eLearning Brothers is sponsoring the eLearning Rockstars Learning Stage. In yesterday’s webinar we gave a preview of what you’ll find on that stage. Joined by Drew Young, Stephen Baer, John Blackmon, Mike Hruska, Chris Willis, Bill Milstid, Josh Cavalier, Bill West, Misty Harding, and Andrew Scivally, we learned a lot about what to expect from these eLearning Rockstars!

You can learn more about the DevLearn Rockstar Stage here. If you want to know more about other things that eLearning Brothers is bringing to DevLearn this year, check out this outline!

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