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Webinar: Polishing Your PowerPoint Presentation with Camtasia in 5 Steps

The Camtasia plugin for PowerPoint is yet another great tool created by TechSmith. This allows you to record your PowerPoint presentation, and then immediately import that .trec file into Camtasia. It will also show every single slide transition on your timeline with a titled marker and a video split. This is super handy if you prefer building presentations in PowerPoint but want to use the effects and templates in Camtasia.

In this webinar, Taylor Ehlert of Get My Graphics shows how to customize an eLearning Brothers PowerPoint template to match a Camtasia template and then to export that for Camtasia. Andrew Townsend then shows how to use Camtasia to bring additional excitement to the presentation.

You can view the finished product by clicking below, and if you want to play around with the project, you can find all of our project files and assets in our member library.


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