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Webinar: Performance Support Tools - The Superheroes of Effective Learning

We were pleased to host our own Jenn Fairbanks, Senior Instructional Designer in a webinar last week discussing Performance Support tools. In the moment of need, who or where do learners turn to get answers to perform the task at hand? Perhaps another new employee. Maybe a long, complex search through the company’s knowledge base. Even worse, what if they don’t ask at all?

The result is reduced productivity and performance that impacts the bottom line. Performance support tools are here to save the day and provide just-in-time solutions for your learners. In this webinar, we talked about multiple options to get learners the information they need to be successful on the job.

To continue the conversation about Performance Support tools, email us at info@elearningbrothers.com.

Jenn will also be presenting at eLBX 2018, so come and chat!



Our Custom Solutions team can help you create engaging, effective performance support resources. Contact them today!


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