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Webinar: Making Friends with your LMS

Learning Management System, it sounds about as friendly as it is. Even just the “LMS” acronym can strike fear in hearts of mere mortals. Yours probably doesn’t do everything you want it to, but you can still learn to get along. That’s where Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse comes in.

Sam joined us earlier this week for a webinar discussing how to get along with your LMS and how to get solid value from it. He has 15+ years of experience doing just that with dozens of LMS for many different businesses, from the Instructional Design side as well as the IT side. His approach to the Top 5 most common LMS issues alone will be well worth an hour of your time.

In this webinar recording, you’ll receive valuable tips on how to scope, select, setup, swap, & support the LMS at your organization.

We invite you to continue the conversation by reaching out to Sam on Twitter, or find him on LInkedIn. You can download his PDF handout that is mentioned here.



Enjoyed this webinar? Sam Rogers is also speaking at Learning DevCamp 2018 this June. Register now to hear more from him and attend eLBX on the first day of Learning DevCamp.


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