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Lectora Webinar 800 x 351

Lectora is easily one of the deepest, and most comprehensive tools in the eLearning world for creating complex and beautiful eLearning. This allows you as the user to create virtually anything you want the way you want. The only downside to this is that all the usability that Lectora gives you will seem very overwhelming and can potentially prevent you from using it to its full potential. Last Thursday, Brother Tim Ball, a very experienced eLearning developer, dove right in one of the most complex features in Lectora and made it look easy: Action Groups.

He started off the webinar by talking about how to clean up your workspace by using action groups as object groups. He then showed us then how to fire action groups to give life and richness to the objects and assets in your projects. Towards the end of the webinar he showed us how to make variables remember so that they would fire every time the user needed it to without restarting the project. And lastly, he demonstrated how to use action groups to create a variety of feedback options, thus allowing for a very customizable quizzing functionality.

Watch Brother Tim in action and expand your knowledge of action groups below:

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