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Webinar: Jazz Up Your Next PowerPoint With These New Styles

Our Director of Product and Design Nic Brown joined us yesterday to show off our newest and most exciting PowerPoint Styles! I know, “exciting” isn’t always the word that comes to mind when you think of PowerPoint, but with our template and graphics libraries, you truly can make some exciting stuff in PowerPoint.

First things first, Nic explained just what exactly a “PowerPoint Style” is. Spoiler alert: It’s a family of templates all designed with the same look and feel. For our PowerPoint Styles, that means there are 20 different downloadable items in each style, including icons, layouts, charts, and graphics.

Next, Nic showed how to use and edit these styles. Because each one is built as a Master Slide, it’s super easy to make changes to your entire project at once. Nic demonstrated how easy it is to change colors, fonts and more.

These PowerPoint Styles all come with matching icons. A big question during the webinar was “should I download the icons as a PNG file or an SVG file?” Nic highly recommends downloading icons as an SVG because you can edit and change EVERYTHING about it. This applies to any of the icons in our Icon Library too. Check out this other webinar on using SVG files in PowerPoint. I think you’ll find it incredibly inspiring and eye-opening!

Another attendee asked how we created the cool looking gauge that Nic showed at one point (watch the recording below and you’ll see it). Fear not friends, we have a webinar for that too! Learn how to make a sweet dial graphic in this webinar.

And now that I’ve thoroughly convinced you how exciting PowerPoint can be, I present to you the recording of Jazz Up Your Next PowerPoint With These New Styles! Watch it and be wowed.

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