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Webinar: Instructional Designers - Steal from HCD to Engage your Learners

Building engaging Learning experiences starts with knowing who you are building them for. But what do you really know about your target learning audience? In last week’s webinar Josh Bleggi, our Learning Designer, borrowed three tools from the world of Human Centered Design (HCD) to help you get to know your learners better, so you can serve them up some awesome mind-blowing, life-changing learning experiences.

Josh also offered several useful tools to use as you move forward with your learner-focused designs. The first was a Persona Template that you can use to really focus on who your learners are. The other was an Empathy Map Canvas created by Dave Gray of XPLANE. These tools can be used to really get a grip on what your course design should be focused around.

There were several questions about HCD that we weren’t able to get to. Josh took some of these questions and he is writing blog articles to answer them in more detail, but there were a few he was able to answer quickly:

Q – What if you just attend one of their department meetings and observe the team all together? Would that help to accomplish the same thing using less time?

A – I’d say that is a great time to observe and get to know the learner groups you are addressing! You get to see them interact together, which can be very informative and give a good idea of all the different personalities you are trying to reach at once, which will save a lot of time.

Q – We build courses on topics that are intended to reach a wide variety of personas… What are your suggestions on getting the maximum impact in that scenario?

A – Look for commonalities in personality and attitudes between the different groups. See if there are any as you conduct a handful of interviews within each group. This might be a good time to survey all groups together as well to see what commonalities they have. But keep in mind you may need to tailor towards the different roles, which means you may have personas for all the different roles you are trying to reach and you may not be able to avoid that.

For an example of some of the work Josh has done here at eLearning Brothers using these HCD principles, check out our Customizable Courseware, a full catalog of customizable courses. Choose from our many titles and topics to build your own personalized library using either online or classroom formats, or both! Plus, you get ALL of the source files so you can customize everything! You can grab free course examples in our free library.


Read more instructional design articles on the blog and sign up for a free Template Library account to practice your new skills!


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