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We were so happy to host Dr. Scott Baird, founder of Griffin Hill in a webinar this week discussing how you as instructional designers can make your positions “unassailable.” With experience in instructional design, Dr. Baird brings a unique perspective to the eLearning industry, and, as always, is wholly inspiring!

The three main points made in this discussion are:

Be Strategic 

In an industry that abounds with stakeholders who don’t see the value in training, constant pressure to come up with a way to help salespeople elevate performance, and other challenges, it is important to know that a good strategy can help you show your worth and get the things you want.

Be Proactive

Do not wait around for last minute assignments from those you work with, but rather seek out the goals of the company, and proactively plan and develop for those goals.

Use Your Resources

The eLearning Brothers Template Library can be a great resource, as well as eLearning Brothers Customizable Courseware. IN addition to those, you may have many other resources that are important to maximize. Dr. Baird discussed many of these different resources that you can—and should—lean on.

His message was derived primarily from The Art of War by Tsun Tzu (though Dr. Baird suggests the James Clavell edited version), and Dr. Baird’s book Be Brilliant. Dr. Baird was also joined by our own Chris Willis, Senior Product Manager for Customizable Courseware. She also drew from her instructional design background to share sage advice. Together, Dr. Baird and Chris Willis charted a path for success that you can apply to your own career.



For an easy first step toward protecting your position, check out the resources available in the eLearning Brothers Template Library. Save time and produce visually stunning eLearning content!


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