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Webinar: Implementing eLearning Video - Lectora Edition

Last week we had a great webinar about getting your eLearning video into your Lectora project. To demonstrate the video side of things we had Andrew Townsend, our video evangelist, show us some of the templates we have in Camtasia and some things to be aware of when exporting videos to be placed inside of another software. For the Lectora focused portion we brought on Bill Milstid, our Senior Developer and Designer, who showed how easy it is to place a movie into your project in Lectora.

Because it has been a common question in our webinars, we’re going to show you how to downsize and adjust your videos in Camtasia.

Step 1 – Edit your video.
In the webinar, Andrew added a lower third and a half graphic to the video to supplement the information being given. He chose to use the Pulse theme because it matches the syle that would also be used in the Lectora project.

Step 2 – Share and select the right options.
For a lot of people, the correct selection at this point is going to be one of the presets. As mentioned in a recent article, you can often use your eLearning editor to downsize your video if needed. We did this when we added a video to a Storyline project.  However, in this webinar we discussed how to find the full control of your project by using the custom settings.

Step 3 – Select MP4 and remove the smart player.
The suggested file type for web videos is MP4. Luckily this is the native export from Camtasia, and you’ll find that selection right at the top. However in the custom settings this also automatically creates the smart player and prepares your video for HTML5 implementation. So once you’ve selected this option you’ll want to turn off the smart player options.

Step 4 – Downscale your video in frame size and bitrate.
This is where you’ll want some testing and trials. You may need your video to be under 3 MB, you may need it to be even smaller. You may need it to only be 800 pixels wide. This is when you make those adjustments.

After this, you can export.

If you’re using Lectora and haven’t taken a look at our new templates styles, be sure to check those out! If you’re using Camtasia and want to see what other themes we have, check those out too. And of course, we’d love to connect and chat at this year’s eLBX, the eLearning Brothers User Conference Extravaganza!



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