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Articulate Storyline

Join our free webinar about how to create tabbed panels in Articulate Storyline from our friend at Lodestone, Brother Mark Hooper, April 11th. Join us!

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There are challenges that arise when we present lot of information related to only one subject and only on one slide. You might choose to present these slides by branching several different slides. There are ways to do this more effectively, and a way that can present the information that can optimize the your slide layers and create tabbed panels in Articulate Storyline.

This webinar, Brother Mark will show you techniques for making tabbed content more customizable with slide layers, triggers, and variables for more of the advanced users.

Here is what this webinar will cover in Articulate Storyline: 

  • How tabbed panels may be used
  • What content can take advantage of layer duplication
  • Build a framework for the tabbed panels using  buttons, slide layers, and character
  • How to logically advancement through tabbed panels with triggers
  • And much more!
Miss the webinar?

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