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Webinar: Give Your Learners More With Learning Experience Design

We had the exciting opportunity to have Dr. Marty Rosenheck our Director of Talent Development Consulting with us in a webinar last week. He discussed how formal training, on-the-job experience, and informal training all play together to get a learner to high proficiency, and demonstrated how learning experience design can be a catalyst to proficiency at every step of the process.

In the webinar recording below you’ll find how the following aspects of learning play into learning experience design:

  • Cognitive Science
  • Design Thinking
  • User Experience Design
  • Content Design and Curation
  • Learning Technology
  • Data and Analytics


We’re also happy to provide a copy of Dr. Rosenheck’s slides in our free library.

To continue the conversation about Learning Experience Design, email info@elearningbrothers.com, or call us at 801.796.2767.


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