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What did the online course say to the LMS?

Some people may think that’s the first line of a joke, but for those of us who make, manage, and measure training content, we know how serious it really is.

In this webinar recording, our friend Sam Rogers of Snap Synapse outlined some great bits of helpful information for working with your LMS, including:

Top 5 Most Common LMS Mistakes

  1. Scope
  2. Selection
  3. Setup
  4. Swapping
  5. Support

Sam was careful to explain the differences between what the learner sees and what the LMS is actually receiving.

Chart showing different ways an LMS interprets a "completed" course

Early in the webinar, Same gave us all a quick reminder of the topics he covered in his last webinar with the eLearning Brothers. You can watch that here: Making Friends With Your LMS.

He also introduced the 5 Types of Content Reporting:

  1. The Honor System
  2. Percentage Viewed
  3. Positive Scores
  4. Negative Scores
  5. Multiple Attempt Tracking

A big topic that Sam covered was the content lifecycle and the importance of designing content knowing that it’s impermanent. At some point, either the information will be outdated or the delivery method will be replaced by a newer, more modern system. (Shout out to everyone dealing with the death of Flash right now!) However, Sam noted that it’s important to keep an archive of everything a learner has completed. Sometimes you need that info for legal reasons and sometimes you just want to show that a learner has learned something.

Chart showing the content lifecycle regarding LMS

Watch the webinar recording now to get Sam’s genius content strategies for LMS reporting:



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