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Webinar: Future of eLearning - Games and the Millennials' Attention Deficit Disorder

Last week, eLearning Brother’s Executive Director of Custom Services, Bill West, hosted Richard Lowenthal of The Game Agency in a webinar discussing the benefits of games in eLearning.

Eight seconds: That’s the time you have to grab an employee’s attention. Five minutes: That’s how long you can hold it. Both are down by 50 percent in 10 years. Twenty-one: That’s the number of times per hour people shift attention between smartphone, tablet, and laptop. What’s causing this attention deficit problem? Every day hundreds of emails, chats, texts, notifications, calls, and meetings compete for your employees’ attention. What tool can you use to grab and keep their attention? Game-based learning. Games complement and improve the effectiveness of traditional training. This session will showcase several games that are being used to effectively educate and engage employees today to make them more effective tomorrow.

In the webinar there was mention of research that was done on this subject. Here are some links to that information:


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