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Webinar: A First Look at Eibhlin’s Quest, Our Newest Storyline Game

Earlier this week, we held a webinar featuring our newest and most exciting Storyline Game Template! Bill Milstid, the developer behind the game, walked us through what the game has to offer to those who download and use the template. Other topics discussed were how to better use Storyline to make true games for eLearners, the development process, and the time required to make such a large project come to life.

Bill also mentioned quite a few other resources for game developers:

Link to the Knowledge Guru white paper mentioned:

Game Theory:

Instructional designer vs game designer:

The Hero’s Journey:

A sample of the Eibhlin’s Quest User Guide:

And of course, check out the game itself here:

If you are curious about this game or would like to schedule a demo to see more of it, contact us by email or contact us by phone at 801.796.BROS (2767).

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