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Webinar: Elevating eLearning Design

Bullet points. Stale narration. “Click next” instruction. Long audio lectures. Yawns. We all know what boring eLearning courses feel like. We all hate them. The real question is, why do we keep producing them? The answer is that most of us haven’t seen better examples. We have nothing to go on, and we’re usually under tight deadlines with limited resources so we resort to what everyone else is doing: bullet points and cheap clip art. Friends, there is a better way.

Last week we hosted our very own Misty Harding in a webinar about better design. You’ll find many great ideas that will help you bring your eLearning design to new heights.


As mentioned in the webinar, you can find all kinds of great templates in our Template Libraries:

eLearning Template Libraries

You can also sign up for a demo of our Custom Development here:

Custom Solutions

A copy of the slides and the handouts can be found here:

If you’d like more one on one training, we offer a Professional Development package that may be right up your isle:

Professional Development

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