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Customizing An eLearning Trivia Game for Adobe Captivate
Here at eLearning Brothers we get a lot of questions about how to customize our templates to meet branding and organizational needs. This past Thursday I conducted a webinar in which I took one of our most popular eLearning trivia game and customized it according to a style guide.

During the webinar we had some technical difficulties with our video. It was distracting enough that I decided to re-record it. I made sure to answer the questions that came through during the webinar though, so it should be pretty similar to what you would have seen live (minus all the video issues). 

Also, during the course of the webinar, I was asked several times for a copy of the style guide that I was using. So I’m including that here.

One question that was asked about our templates was about 508 compliance. Our templates are not natively 508 compliant, but they are able to be made 508 compliant (sounds like a topic for a future webinar).

If there are more questions you’d like to see addressed in future webinars or blogs, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

As always, thanks for being a part of the eLearning Brothers family and don’t forget to check out the thousands of other assets available in our library.

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