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Webinar: Creating Meaningful Scenarios

Scenarios are one of the most used of all the eLearning tools and techniques when trying to spice up your course. Often there are opportunities that are missed out on to truly change behavior through impactful scenario design. How do you make your scenarios better? What are some things to think about when planning out your scenarios? These are all questions that are answered by Misty Harding in this webinar recording.

Over several years Misty has developed the 4 Cs to Meaningful Scenario Design. These include Choices, Consequences, Connections, and Corrections. In this webinar recording, you’ll learn how you can structure your course to maximize all four of these areas in order to start designing scenarios that mean more to your learner and actually lead to changes in behavior.

You can see more of the amazing work our Custom Development team is doing by clicking here.

Misty has also developed a blog series on the 4 Cs that you can read.


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