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Webinar: How to Create Software Simulation Training in StorylineI am sure that many of you have been asked numerous times to create a course or courses teaching folks how to use a piece of software. Many of the eLearning developers that I’ve spoken with, however, weren’t aware that this functionality existed in Articulate Storyline. So, last Thursday I led a webinar in which I went over how to create software simulation training in Storyline 2. See the recording below.

I talked about the best practices for preparing to create your software simulation training, some caveats to be aware of, and the four formats for inserting the recording into your story: Video on a single slide, View Mode, Try Mode, and Test mode (View, Try and Test are all inserted as step-by-step slides with some interaction).

Several questions were raised as well and while several of those were addressed during the webinar, there were a few that I said I’d address here.

Q: Is there a way to set up personalized default captions that Storyline adds (if you do not want the default blue caption)?  We want to customize the background color and line color and line weight.

A: Yes, this is done on the feedback master. (For me it’s on the layout master titled Review Feedback.)

Q: Can you get the multi mode (View, Try, Test) from Replay?

A: No. Articulate Replay publishes in MP4 format. In it’s function, it’s more like TechSmith’s Camtasia rather than Adobe’s Captivate product.

There were also several questions about Captivate vs Storyline in regards to Software Simulation creation. I plan to address those in a future blog.

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