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Webinar Recap: Using Captivate 2017 Fluid Boxes with Drag and Drop Interactions

When Captivate 2017 was released, the responsive format included a new tool called Fluid Boxes. Drag and Drop interactions are a staple of many eLearning courses. But using them in your responsive courses can be tricky. Those fluid boxes just added another layer of complexity to using Drag and Drop interactions in your courses. So we thought we’d help you out a bit.

Last Thursday it was my privilege to host renowned Captivate expert, Paul Wilson, for a webinar discussing how to use Drag and Drop interactions with Fluid Boxes in Captivate 2017.

Some of the items discussed:

  • When to use the Static setting for fluid boxes
  • Layering text and image in a single fluid box
  • Using Fluid Boxes with Master Slides
  • Using one drop target for multiple drag objects
  • Enforcing a sequential order for answers
  • Grouping objects by type to set up a many-to-many relationship

The recording of the webinar can be found below:

You can find Paul’s YouTube channel here, and don’t forget check out his website!

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