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Last week, we welcomed Alex Richards, eLearning Brothers Senior Project Manager, into the webinar studio for an inspiring look at how to build strong relationships with clients and team members. A close working relationship creates strong foundations for successful projects—making this a crucial topic for anyone who works with other people. In today’s interconnected world, that’s pretty much all of us!


Some of Alex’s tips included:

  • Be aware of what your posture is saying about you.
    • How you hold yourself and react to what other people are saying sets the stage for how people want to interact with you.
  • Challenge yourself to stand out—in a good way—by learning about your client (or team members). You can do this by:
    • Showing engagement when you’re listening to someone speak,
    • asking relevant questions, and,
    • sharing something about yourself too.


Another great tip from Alex that I had never thought of was to adapt your communication style to more closely match the other person’s communication style. For example, if you’re a fast talker and your client tends to speak slowly and carefully, try to slow down when you are talking to him or her.


However, Alex made sure to let attendees know that he’s not advocating for you to change who you are! Stay true to yourself, but also make sure that you’re coming across the way you hope. It can be useful to ask a trusted friend or colleague to give you some feedback on how you come across.


In summary, effective execution relies on how much clients and teams trust and feel comfortable with one another. Learning to be genuine in your approach and embracing your own personality when engaging others builds fruitful relationships that go beyond the project.


Hear all of Alex’s tips in the video below:



Enjoyed this webinar? You can connect with Alex on LinkedIn if you have any more questions about working with clients and teams!

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