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iSpring Webinar

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to be on a joint webinar with iSpring Solutions, a company who has created one of the best add-ins for PowerPoint. We joined together to talk about the newest update to their add-in, the TalkMaster Simulation.

Brian Tarr, iSpring’s very own System Engineer started off the webinar by diving into the process of creating a TalkMaster conversation simulation. He showed us how to change the built-in characters and emotions in order to give the user a feel for how he or she is doing. Brian also demonstrated to us how to add questions and how to reply to those questions. He then showed us how to build a simulation to be able to test the user (with points and a default passing score). Lastly, he explained how to use the built-in voice over feature and how easy it is to insert into your course simulation.

I then had the opportunity to demonstrate how eLearning Brothers templates and assets improve the already amazing product iSpring has created. I explained how to import our people cutouts into TalkMaster and how to create a TalkMaster Pack with them.

All in all, iSpring has created a PowerPoint add-in that allows for a very versatile eLearning experience and a new step forward in online training. Go check out their product and get started with an eLearning Brothers free trial to increase your eLearning development. Make sure you stay up to date with our events on our webpage so you are not missing out on all the amazing webinars and conferences coming up!

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