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In this week’s webinar, Account Executive Raul Lazo showed off our newest addition to our Customizable Courseware library: Safety Training courses. He took attendees through some of the benefits of using Customizable Courseware, as well as different features included.

What is Customizable Courseware? Pre-built, fully customizable learning modules that include:

  • Online & Classroom Versions
    • You decide how to deliver: Online, ILT, Blended—it’s the best of all worlds!
  • All the Source Files
    • Easy customization with natively-built files in your favorite authoring tools.
  • Rockstar Content & Design
    • Genius subject matter experts + rockstar developers = AWESOMENESS.

Why go the pre-built route for your eLearning development? The title of this webinar kind of gives the answer away—you save time and money! We put together this graphic to let you compare and contrast the time and cost of different eLearning development options.

graphic showing costs and time requirements for different types of eLearning development, from self-authoring to off-the-shelf courseware

One of the benefits that Raul highlighted was the classroom training materials. We’ve found these are really beneficial for companies that haven’t moved completely to online training or want to do blended learning. Customizable Courseware also includes transcripts for easy review and markup by stakeholders. With the transcripts, it’s easy to get feedback and find out if your organization wants any changes or additions made to the content. For example, you may want to change any stock images or cutout characters to match your learner demographics or tweak the scenarios to be more similar to your workplace atmosphere.

Safety training is our newest Customizable Courseware library. These courses have been developed to help you meet your OSHA training requirements. The full library will include all these courses, although some are still in development. If a course you’re looking for isn’t live yet, just give us a shout and we’ll bump it up the development priority list.

graphic showing all the safety training courses in the elearning brothers customizable courseware library

Watch the webinar recording now to learn more about our latest safety course releases.


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