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Webinar: How to Best Use Stock Photos, Videos and Audio in Your eLearning

Last week we hosted our friends Omniplex in a webinar featuring some of the stock assets available in our Stock Assets library. Stock assets are pictures, video, and audio that has been created for your use in any sort of project. Another great thing about stock assets is that they can be used in any eLearning tool from Storyline to Camtasia.

Matt Cooper from Omniplex demonstrated some of the uses of stock assets in a Storyline project. The steps are very simple.

First pull up the eLearning Brothers Stock Asset Library:

From here you can choose what category you’d like to select. Matt went into the audio section and selected several sound effects that he knew he could use with triggers in his Storyline project.

Next, Matt searched the stock images for images that he knew would be useful in his Storyline project. Once he found the images he liked, he downloaded the image and imported it into his project.

Importing the stock audio and images is very easy in all of the tools. In Storyline, Matt selected Picture, and then Picture from File.

Matt also demonstrated how to follow a similar process to insert Cutout People into his project. While Cutout People are not a part of the Stock Asset library, it is included in many of the same packages that the Stock Asset library is available in.

After Matt, our own Andrew Townsend discussed how the Stock Asset library can be used to supplement the Camtasia Templates available in our Camtasia Template Library.

Using the color selector for background shapes, Andrew demonstrated how to make your stock assets fit perfectly with your templates.

Many of the eLearning Brothers Camtasia templates have images already built into them that may not fit your project. Andrew showed that downloading images from the Stock Assets Library that are more cohesive and then inserting them into your project is very simple.

Combining stock video, audio, and images can really bring your project together into a great looking and sounding eLearning course!

If you would like a copy of the webinar recording, please email your request to support@elearningbrothers.com.

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