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Camtasia 18 just came out, and eLearning Brothers has a plethora of templates for it! In this webinar, eLearning Brothers Video Evangelist Andrew Townsend demonstrated how you can rock with templates in Camtasia 18. Joining Andrew for the webinar was Clara Cummings, who helped show some of the new updates to Camtasia for Mac.

Andrew walked through the new library functionality, demonstrated customizable themes, some of the new behaviors, and more. Then Clara took over and talked about template compatibility in the newest version of Camtasia for Mac.


You can also take a look at Andrew’s recent blog about some of his favorite new features in Camtasia 18.

Ready to start creating video awesomeness in Camtasia 18? Be sure to check out all our other video and Camtasia resources on the blog:


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