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Webinar: 7 Exciting Features in the New Camtasia

In this webinar, we hosted Calvin Boekhoven from TechSmith in an overview of Camtasia 9 and some of their new features. We covered several of the exciting new assets, tools, and nuances that make the new Camtasia remarkable. The seven items of discussion are as follows.

  1. We take a look at the smooth and dark user interface. With a calming attitude and a new menu system, Camtasia 9 is much easier on the eyes and more intuitive for the user.
  2. The new library assets now include much more diverse and exciting templates, including eight eLearning Brothers assets. These are free with the purchase of Camtasia 9 and free to download from TechSmith if you’re a Camtasia 3 user.
  3. Along with the new assets and remarkable updates to Camtasia, we here at eLearning Brothers have increased the size of our Camtasia Template Library by adding new themes built natively in Camtasia 9.
  4. Camtasia 9 now has pre-built animations called behaviors that easily move your videos from great to remarkable. These are designed to have maximum effect on text, but work on all timeline objects.
  5. Aside from the behaviors, you’ll also find the animations section much more filled out. Transitions are now categorized, and animations are easier to use than ever.
  6. Camtasia 9 for PC and Camtasia 3 for Mac are now cross compatible, with files exported from Camtasia 9 being readable and editable in Camtasia 3 and vice versa.
  7. All eLearning Brothers Camtasia assets are now available for download in both Mac and PC versions of the new Camtasia. This is over 300 assets that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Are there other features you think are important in the new Camtasia? Let us know in the comments.

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