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articulate storyline template millionaire game

The prospect of being a millionaire is a very attractive one. Very few of us regular folk get to experience the extreme wealth that only mustachioed, monocled, top-hatted walking money bags seem to enjoy. I mean, the “tower full of gold coins specifically for swimming in” type of money. Today we’d like to offer a brief taste of that high life.

Lately we’ve been rolling out some expertly re-skinned new versions of our popular Millionaire game template, and now it has finally been given the Articulate Storyline treatment! Today we’d like to introduce three new, unique Millionaire Challenge templates that are sure to make your next Storyline course feel like a million bucks.

Business 09
Screenshot 2016-04-22 16.23.40

This template has the backdrop of a big skyscraper. This, combined with the soft blues and faded white gradients, gives it a friendly and unimposing feel with posh sensibilities. With each correct answer, stacks of bills rain into an open suitcase, giving the learner an exciting “Jackpot!” feeling with every positive remediation.

Business 06

Screenshot 2016-04-22 16.24.44

Business 06 is similar to 09, but with a few key differences. The skyscraper background has been swapped out for a pattern of tessellating chevron shapes, as well as the color scheme changing to dark grays, with accenting elements of muted reds and purples.


Screenshot 2016-04-22 16.25.29

We’ve highlighted the Executive theme recently, but we’re pretty proud of it. The dark teal color scheme over the luxurious Roman pillars characteristic of Wall Street paint a picture of success, wealth, and, dare I say, dignified opulence. If that doesn’t make you feel like a millionaire, I don’t know what will.

You can find these and other great game templates in our Articulate Storyline library. Download now to get templates rich in style!

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