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eLearning can be exciting, challenging, and effective! Making a great course starts with great instructional design.

Do these statements seem familiar?
I want to create courses that learners want to use.
I need great ideas for my next course.
I wish I could replace boring content with fresh, challenging, and realistic activities?

The other day I found a tool called Elearning Blueprint. Cathy Moore has created a tool to help you outline and storyboard your courses. It’s a visual approach to instructional design and walks you through each step. You get expert advice, examples, diagrams, and comments from other users.

There are 3 main steps:
1. Action Mapping
2. Organize your Materials
3. Write and Create the Content

You also have access to checklists, recorded webinars, blog posts, articles, and more.

Tons of tips, ideas, and advice…straight from an expert. Check out Elearning Blueprint.

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