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The Learning eXplosion , by Matthew Murdoch and Treion Muller, is a great read that steps you through how to successfully move your classroom instructor-led training into the virtual classroom. The book specifically focuses on 9 Rules for Creating Effective Virtual Training:

1. The Rule of Continual Change – Learners and designers must always be prepared for change.

2. The Rule of Knowledge Transfer – When transitioning from instructor-led classroom to virtual classrooms, be prepared to think through a new approach to the training delivery, content, timing, etc.

3. The Rule of Learning Circuitry – Follow the 5 steps to create a successful learning circuit.

4. The Rule of Overcoming Bias – By eliminating people’s fears of change, you can overcome their bias.

5. The Rule of Virtual Accountability – The 3 parts of the virtual accountability model are: Verbal, Visual, and Kinesthetic.

6. The Rule of Personal Practice – To be an effective virtual trainer, you must practice your presentations!

7. The Rule of Thumbs-Up – Make it easy for learners to give you feedback that will improve your virtual classroom.

8. The Rule of Global Positioning – Know the barriers to reaching a global audience.

9. The Rule of Sustained Orbit – Once your virtual classroom is launched, you need to keep the momentum following to keep it running successfully.

The book is a must read if you are in the process of transitioning instructor-led classroom training to virtual classroom training.

Matt and Treion also have a great blog to follow.


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