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Captivate 8

I’m very excited with the recent launch of Adobe Captivate 8. It’s features around mobile design are amazing. We have been making lots of Responsive Captivate 8 Templates and it’s mobile features are better than anything out there right now. So there is a new word I have to describe this, it’s not fantastic it’s CAPTASTIC!

How to Start a Responsive Project

Start by going to File > New Project > Responsive Project.

Understanding How a Responsive Project Works

One thing your are going to notice the first time you open Captivate 8 for the first time is a Desktop icon, tablet icon, and a mobile icon. These are three break points.

What they allow you to transition and see how your content will respond to different dimensions of those devices. This means you can make content for any device and at any size. The cool thing is you can make different content for each device. This is not just scaling your content it gives you different breaking points for unique content on each device.

Previewing Your Responsive Content

This preview is unique. You can preview your course in all three of the break points. Now you can see how each of your projects elements work or how they would work in all three of the major devices. No more guess work. This makes each device unique and how your want your courses to look for your learners depending which device they use.


Video of Responsive Mobile Designs in Captivate 8

(Click here to view video on YouTube.)


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