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As you’ve no doubt learned from your experience in the eLearning industry, video can be a very useful tool for training and education. The very nature of the medium offers some unique advantages over other media. Incorporating elements of many other types of media (sound, images, text, etc.), video offers stimulation to various different parts of the brain, creating more memorable material than any of the various constituent elements in isolation.

We offer several different video elements in our template library that can help the video-based parts of your course to really shine:

Cutout People

We’ve had several different models perform dozens of gestures and motions in front of a green screen and done for video what our famous cutout characters have done for static images. These characters–who each also have several static poses–can be placed into your course on top of any background or environment your course requires.

Stock Video

If you need a little ambiance for a narration, or a dynamic background to place overlays on, you can probably find something that works for you in the our stock video library. Additionally, the Stock Assets Library offers many templates for Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects to create stunning visuals to encompass your video content.

Common Craft Videos

The Common Craft Library has been discontinued.

Common Craft has several pre-made instructional videos, which are cleverly animated and smoothly voiced. Our common craft video library includes dozens of topics including social media, augmented reality, and, just in time for Halloween, a satirical video about zombies! These video clips can be incorporated into your courses through various software in order to explain a key topic. If you want to incorporate their fun aesthetic into the rest of your course, these videos work great with our Common Craft cutout library.


Last but not least, we also have a selection of course starters, scenarios, cutout frames, and overlays specifically for Camtasia. Everything you need for an exceptional Camtasia course is a click away. All you have to do is modify a few key elements to match your course, and you’re well on your way to a rockin’ video course.

Head over to the library where you can find our super-helpful video eLearning content and characters that can be applied to dozens of different eLearning settings!

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