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Adobe Captivate 7

In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a drag and drop interaction in Adobe Captivate 7.  This video was created in Adobe Captivate 7, but the same process can be used in Captive 6, and is very similar.

Objective: The concept or purpose of this video is to have the user to drag and drop the tabs down to the note pad. Adobe Captivate makes this really easy.

This is an important tip and trick! So we suggest you take a few minutes to check out the drag and drop video below.

Okay, lets get started:

(Click here to watch video on YouTube.)

If you found this tip helpful, you also might appreciate how to do Advanced Actions in Adobe Captivate 7. The tip can show your users the answer is incorrect with a “red x” if the answer is wrong. It’s a simple tutorial like the one above.


Enhance your eLearning skills and check out the Adobe Captivate 7 Templates that can speed up your development time. Click the button to see Adobe Captive 7 templates:


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