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Tabbed interactions are an excellent option for fitting multiple slides of eLearning material into a single module, which is why we at eLearning Brothers have a wealth of tabbed templates for Storyline in our library.

Templates are handy for getting a prepackaged design that only requires you to plug in the content. Just write your course and the visual components have already been taken care of.

But sometimes you want a little more control over the visuals and only need help with the mechanics of a particular interaction. While all of our templates are completely customizable, when you have your own aesthetic in mind, you’re probably less concerned with the pre-made designs and more interested in tweaking them to your own preferences. When you plan to change things anyway, you want minimal, if any, pre-existing design.

That’s where our classic “Blue Square” line of tabbed Storyline interactions comes in. Though they’ve been around for a while, they’re still quite useful, with a minimalist design that stands on its own, but allows for quick customization.

Different layouts are great for different purposes. See which of the basic formats suit your next Storyline project.

Tabs Top


Tabs Top orients the tab buttons in the navigation bar across the top of the interaction with the main content displayed below, much like users are used to seeing on many websites, or for a more analog comparison, the staggered labels of folders in a filing cabinet.

Tabs Bottom


Tabs Bottom has the bottom-heavy structure we often see on online video players, which often use a dashboard of control functions below the main content. This format is familiar, intuitive, and reliable.

Tabs Intro Right


Unlike some of the other “blue square” tabbed templates, Tabs Intro Right uses two text boxes: one for the introduction and another for the content of each tab. Instead of seeing the introduction text just once at the beginning, you can keep that information fresh in the learners while they read through the body of the text.

This line of tabbed interactions has several more unique layouts that you can find in the Storyline Template Library. Use one of our versatile tabbed interactions today!

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