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UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies—Oh, Hey, That's Us!

If there’s one thing we hope you’ve learned about us by now, it’s that we have big dreams for what eLearning can be—inspiring, immersive, visually explosive, trackable… To achieve all our big dreams, we’ve been getting bigger and selling more too. So much bigger we had to move to a new office! And no, it’s not just because we eat donuts every Friday. Although we do that too.

Some crazy smart and talented people have joined our team in the past couple of years, like Marty Rosenheck, our Director of Talent Development and Consulting, and Chris Willis, Senior Product Manager for Customizable Courseware. They’re helping us provide the eLearning world with even more great offerings: TREK Learning Experience Manager and Customizable Courseware. Plus, our sales team has been rapidly expanding to meet the demand for access to our huge template and asset libraries—which are also constantly growing, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

We were just ranked #20 out of Utah’s 30 Fastest-Growing Companies by Utah Valley BusinessQ!

Rapt students of eLearning Brothers history may remember that this isn’t the first time we’ve made this list. That’s right, we’re multi-year winners. The UV50 award listing says eLearning Brothers “continues to infiltrate and dominate its market with a studly sales force, incredible innovation, and a family-like company culture.” I’m hoping the sales team doesn’t develop an over-inflated ego from being called “studly.”

Utah Valley BusinessQ ranks the top 50 companies in the Utah Valley each year. Categories include fastest growing, startups to watch, and economic engines. The Fastest-Growing Companies list is based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2014-2017.

Awards like these are a great honor, not only because they make us look cool, but also because they show us we’re doing something right in our quest to help the whole world become eLearning Rockstars. If you haven’t joined the eLearning Brothers family yet, we’d love to talk to you at DevLearn next week about how we can help you create eLearning awesomeness. Until then, check out our free library for a taste of what we offer!


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