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I published a course the other day and when users started going through it the completion status never passed to the LMS. I just used the standard “publish to LMS” option in Articulate…it has to be working. The user must be doing something incorrectly right? Well, actually I messed up. (but the software tricked me)

Using “Track using number of slides viewed” to pass a completion status to your LMS:
You can have users pass a course if they pass a quiz or if they viewed a pre-determined number of slides. I chose “view slides” to pass my course.

When you publish in Articulate and your course has no quiz, the completion status defaults to “view number of slides”. You can select how many slides must be viewed. I left it at “view 64 of 64 slides”. I wanted them to view all of my pages. Seems simple right? Well, not so fast 🙂

What I didn’t think through is that if your course has hidden slides then your user won’t be able to click on every slide. (for example if you use branching) Articulate software doesn’t calculate that you have hidden slides. It just gives you the option to have a user click every slide.

In conclusion, make sure you think through the flow of your course. Will a user touch every page? If not, make sure that you calculate that when determining how many slides they should view to be considered “complete/done”.

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