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Online Training

Have you felt like this before? One moment you think you’re an expert on Adobe Captivate (or Articulate Storyline), and another moment you feel like a beginner. After seeing an amazing course, is when usually I feel like a beginner. I say to myself, “I wish I could make that!” or “I’m going to stay up late to learn that trick.”

But I found myself feeling less like a beginner because of the online training I’ve done with iConLogic. I’ve saved tons of time and have advanced my eLearning skills with iConlogic. I highly recommend them.

Their live online courses cater to the beginner or advanced users. With iConlogic, I’m can take live online courses or request customized classes for onsite or online training to meet my organizational needs.

Here is a list of iConLogic’s courses:

Advanced Online Training 

Looking deeper, their advanced courses for Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline seem amazing, because they are amazing. Both advanced courses are equipped with full lesson outlines, course overviews, and course objectives so you know exactly what you are getting into. For more information on time, dates, or pricing click the follow links:

Advanced Adobe Captivate Courses
Advanced Articulate Storyline Courses

3-Hour Mini-Courses

If a day-long training is not your thing, then these 3-Hour Mini-Courses may be a great option for you to choose from. Check out the great list of 3-Hour Mini-Courses you can attend:



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