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Using Groups in Camtasia

I worked for a few years in commercial video production and always got excited when I would look at the video editing timeline and see all kinds of craziness happening. I love seeing a giant multi-track mess because that means that there is a lot going on, and if done well, the viewer won’t necessarily realize that there are so many layers.

But if I was given a project after it had already been edited by someone, sometimes trying to understand what was going on in that timeline was like solving a crossword puzzle and a sudoku puzzle at the same time, all while trying to read minds.

I could even freak myself out if I came back into a project that I hadn’t touched in a few weeks or months and had to get reacquainted. Sometimes a project simply isn’t very kind, and it takes some serious brain power to get a handle on it.

Camtasia offers a fantastic assistive tool that puts a little bit of balm on that wound, and that balm is called grouping.

In the video below, I’ll talk about grouping items together in your Camtasia timeline, naming those groups, and some of the benefits to doing so.

Grouping will increase your productivity, and increase your capacity to manage larger projects. Think about how it could help you with your current project, and get grouping!

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