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I’ve used Articulate for awhile now and have been frustrated that I couldn’t control the navigation of the Articulate Player with my inserted flash. Well…after a bit of snooping and frustration I’ve got it working. If you are a Platinum member of Articulate Support they will give you the software dev kit (SDK) for their Presenter product. This is a great thing to have! They even provide sample FLA files to tear apart.

Here’s how I used Flash to have the Articulate Play advance to a particular slide number:
1. Creat a button in your flash movie. (make it a MovieClip)
2. On the same frame as your button, insert this actionscript (MUST BE ACTIONSCRIPT 2. AS3 IS NOT SUPPORTED)

var ArtAPI = _level0.ArtAPI;
mcButton1.onPress = function()

3. Give your button an instance name. It must match the code above. In this example the button instance name is mcButton1.

4. Determine which slide number you want your button to jump to. In this example it is set to advance to slide number 9.

5. Export your Flash. (IMPORTANT: I had to export using Flash Player 7 for the scripting to work. I don’t know why but that’s how is worked for me. You can try a 8-10 versions if you’d like.)

6. Insert the swf into your PPT slide. Your flash import settings should be to play the flash independently from the slide and have the user click next to advance.

7. Publish your Articulate Presentation.

When you look at your published course you should be able to click on the flash button and your presentation will advance to slide 9.

You can also use these code snippets to navigate:

mcButton1.onRelease = function()

mcButton1.onRelease = function()

Good luck and have fun! Let us know how it works for you.

Another tip on using flash with the Articulate API.

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