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After my recent video tutorials on how to edit eLearning Games in Lectora, I’d like to show you the last video of our four-part series. This final video is going to show how you can remove the questions for our eLearning Games to downsize the game. This tutorial is also helpful to reduce the number of questions learners need to answer before they finish the quiz. I suggest watching all four videos before you begin. The videos have some great tips on how have full control over the game templates. They are only a few minutes each.

How to Remove the Number of Questions Used

Our Game Templates are made with two options in mind. First, the developer might not want to use all 20 questions. Perhaps there are only 8. Second, the developer may wish to have a pool of 20 questions but their students only need to answer 8 of them.  So with those options in mind, let me show you how you can change the number of questions in this game.

  • To control how many questions the students will need to answer:
    • In the page “GameShow” select “actGrp_ContinueBtn”
    • Select the action “CHANGE_”IF”_#OF_USED_Q’s”
    • Double click the “IF”
  • The conditions window will pop-up change the “20” the desired number of questions the student will need to answer. In my video tutorial, I downsized to eight questions.
  • To control how many questions are available, simply delete the screens and appropriate groups. For example if you were to delete the most bottom right square to have 19 questions, this is what you delete:
    • In the Group “GameBoard” “eLB_screenIdleE4”
    • In the Group “GameBoard” “screenE4_Points”
    • In the Group “GameBoard Buttons” “GmShw_E4”
    • Groups “Column E- Row 4” and “Column E- Row 4_Feedback”
    • I know it a lot to delete, but hold down shift or ctrl keys and select the items at once will help make it go faster.
  • I suggest repositioning the buttons by:
    • selecting the groups “GameBoard” and “GameBoard Buttons” together and make them visible
    • Select the “Properties” tab
    • Select “Align”
    • Select “Center Horizontal on Page”

Learn how to use our eLearning Games and how you can change the questions to fit your eLearning courses. Enjoy the video!

Watch the Video on How to Remove Game Questions in Lectora

(Watch Video on YouTube.)

Note: This game is available to all subscribers of the eLearning Template Library. Learn more about eLearning Games here.




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