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Lectora Drag and Drop

One of the advantages of Lectora, in my opinion, is that you can tackle any task numerous ways. Whether it’s by creating an action group or triggering actions “OnShow.” Sometimes it is beneficial to try to think outside the box and attempt to approach a task differently than you typically do. Lectora gives you ample opportunity do this.

Recently I developed a Lectora interaction utilizing the “Drag and Drop” question. However the purpose of the interaction was to reveal information, not really to test the user. Using the Lectora Drag and Drop question functionality gave me some unique opportunities to approach a typical “Click to Reveal” interaction differently. The idea is that of a puzzle. The learner drags a puzzle piece to the fitting empty spot and receives a piece of information. If they drop the puzzle piece in the wrong spot, it simply resets the question and places the piece in its original location. So there’s not really a wrong way to do it.

Approaching a “reveal information” interaction this way provides a bit more interactivity for the learner instead of just selecting a button. This is how I did it:

(Watch video on YouTube.)

How have you thought outside the box to accomplish similar tasks in your eLearning? Leave your comments below.

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