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One of the fastest and most efficient ways to save time in Storyline 2 (and time is money, as they say) is by adding a pre-built template to your already existing project. Not only does a template save time but it also reduces the headache of having to recreate a scenario for every project you would like to create. A template is an easily customizable layout that allows the user to quickly make a uniform project. Templates can range from complete scenarios and interactions to fully interactive games.

The only setback is, after downloading one of our templates, how in the world do you get it to fit into your existing project? Look no further Storyline users! Today I will be showing you how to transfer an awesome eLearning Brothers Storyline template into your personal project.


The first step is to go to your current project and go to File>Import and click on the Storyline logo. This will bring up a list of templates that you have on your computer. You then look for the Storyline template you downloaded and insert it (whether it be a scenario or a game) into the same project file as your personal project. For this example, I will be using a template from the massive eLearning Brothers template library.


Once you have selected the template to insert into your project, you will see a screen similar to the one above. You then need to select the slides that you want to insert into your project and make sure you click on the option to insert the specified template into the current scene.


So now you can see after inserting the template into your project, you have some broken links between your project and the inserted template. For example, after we have completed the 1.2 Scenario we would want to go to the 1.4 Millionaire Game to test the knowledge of the user, instead of going to the 1.3 Conclusion. So what you would need to do in this situation is to go to 1.2 Scenario and change all the buttons that sent you to 1.3 Conclusion to 1.4 Millionaire Game. The same process needs to be executed at the end of the game; instead of closing the game when the timeline finishes on 1.6 Results, it can easily be modified to send you to 1.3 Conclusion.



The last thing to do to make the inserted template fit with your original project is to change the original colors of the template to fit the look and feel you’re already using. The developers at eLearning Brothers have made all of their templates easily customizable, allowing you to simply and efficiently insert their templates into your awesome projects.

Head to the eLearning Brothers Template Library to check out our templates and see how they can enhance the quality and productivity of your projects! Let me know in the comments section below how templates have saved you time and helped you make awesome projects.

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